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Successful Business in Kurdistan
So you have been experiencing business success, rubbing shoulders with the right people, attracting investors, and getting some much needed publicity in industry magazines and websites. Great – and congratulations! But you have that ache in your heart to do more. I certainly did and am acting upon it now. In this globalized world clients and businesses are looking for multicultural connections beyond their borders…and there is only so much the internet can do. How about finding new industry connections in Kurdistan of Iraq? You’re still young so get an advantage over your competition and take these steps make the world your oyster.
  • Acknowledge you’re not going on a holiday
  • Ask yourself what you want to achieve on your trip. Write out at least three goals for going overseas – yes, you can certainly tailor them to be on the personal side as we all have a bucket list! However, your key motivator should be to do business. By ‘business’ this could mean at times you are giving away business cards by the pool in Hawaii…and you just so happen to get a tan!
  • Let your clients and business allies know what you are doing
  • You never know how these guys can help you out.
  • Learn the basics of the language
  • This shows you are courteous to those business connections you will meet with, and you have shown interest in the customs, country and culture. It could also prove useful when you need directions to a networking event in Kurdistan! My advice is to simply play things by ear – joke when appropriate.
  • Be positive
  • positive environment can change not just your business, but your entire life.